Sunday, November 15, 2009

Artist's Eye Candy!

I am a visual artist. I use color in all of my art, no matter what I am doing at the moment. Artists are funny about their tools. If they are good tools, they are probably quite expensive, so we take care of them. If they are "tools" that get used up (like paint and colored pencils) we sometimes hoard them. I remember going to a colored pencil workshop when I was getting my graphic design degree with two friends. It was a bit of a car ride and our conversation revolved around our hesitancy to use up our new very expensive colored pencils. All of a sudden we all stopped, looked at each other and burst out laughing. Could there be anything more ridiculous? Well, I still love my colored pencils and some of them are still from that set (the colors I tend to ignore, that is), As I was organizing my studio the other day, I found my colored pencils which had been relegated to a box. The last time I used them I found myself digging through to find just the right color. Now, I've decided that they deserve better and so do I! So, I sorted them by color, found just the right containers and voila......Eye Candy! I see them every time I sit down to work and even though I am designing and making jewelry, they are there for me to enjoy. Yummy!!!

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