Thursday, September 10, 2009

Excited about Neutral

I have discovered the wonder of neutrals. I was raised in a household of neutral, singular. Everything was beige, medium beige. That is redundant. My mom said, "Beige goes with everything". The truth is beige goes with nothing on its own. Today we have so many shades and tones of browns that it is really a rainbow of neutrals. The tricky part is varying the values (lights and darks) for dramatic impact. The same idea applies to any color(s).

When I married, we lived in military housing, or in homes we knew would be sold soon, so again, everything was either beige or white. So, when we bought this house 17 years ago, I wallpapered, painted red, went crazy. Now, as we are thinking of selling in the not too distant future, I am revisiting the neutrals with punches of color. Very fun! I still get my red. YAY!

This photo shows the next step in neutralizing - the bright teal loveseat with cocoa brown slip cover. No worries, the wingback will get an oatmeal slip cover and the wall will be Latte! Yummy!

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